Monday, February 4, 2013


The scans are clear. The cancer has not spread to anywhere else in Jarret's body. Your prayers have worked. Please keep them coming!

Tomorrow Jarret will have a core biopsy so that they can accurately diagnose Timmy's stage and grade. The results will available in about 3 days or so, and then they will decide the rest of the course of treatment. We have been told that he will have about six weeks of external beam radiation therapy and then they will remove Timmy, hopefully never to return!

It has been amazing to hear from all of the friends and family who are praying, and who have asked others to pray for us as well. I have heard from people in Brazil, Australia, and all over the country. Thank you for storming heaven for us!

Many of you have also expressed concern and offered help for Henry. I feel I should clarify that Henry is very healthy, gaining weight, happily breastfeeding, filling diapers on a regular (and frequent!) basis, and seems to be the picture of health. Most babies who have MSUD are very sick within one to three weeks of birth. So, we are thinking that this is a lab error, but are taking the extra precautions of doing all the extra testing just to make sure.

I have so many more thoughts I would like to share with you, but the kitchen must be cleaned up, the baby needs to be fed, prayers said, and cheeks kissed goodnight. Please keep praying, and know that we are asking God to bless each and every one of you.


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