Friday, February 6, 2009

Let me just run...

It occurred to me the other day that this is a phrase I should stop trying to wrap my life around. Especially since it now involves clothing at least one child - if not all four - in hats, boots, scarves, mittens, coats, and then fastening them into the car seat; making sure I have diapers and spare pants (for Molly, not me!); making sure the baby has been nursed, that I have my purse, my list and items that pertain to the errand (usually library books to be returned). So you get the idea. I can no longer "just throw on my coat and just run to the library for a minute" while dinner simmers on the stove.

I am trying very hard these days to pay attention to the clock and have a real grasp of reality with regard to time. I am one of those people who drastically overestimates the amount of things I can accomplish in a day or a week or ten minutes for that matter. I don't think this frustrates anyone more than it frustrates me, bless my husband, who is very good about showing up on time, or at least he was until he had to start bringing me with him!

I look forward to the days when I can again throw on my coat and run down to the post office or the library, but for now I choose to embrace the cumbersomeness of my life because those are some awfully cute faces framed by those pesky winter hats. One day, I'll be able to dart here and dart there and I'll be complaining that I don't have anyone for company!