Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blog Addiction

It's time I admitted it...I am always whining about how I don't have any free time, and I just have to come to grips with the fact that much of the free time I could have is spent reading blogs. There. I've said it. I am addicted to reading blogs.

This might not seem like such a bad addiction, but for someone like me who succumbs very easily to "compare and despair" syndrome, it's a hazard. You see, I like to read blogs by poeple, mostly other moms, who are doing all the things I would like to be doing - having tons of children, homeschooling them, keeping a tidy house, being a good wife, cooking all whole foods from scratch, and making all gifts and household items by hand, all the while keeping the household budget balanced and her spiritual life enriched. Adn don't forget the one or two books she has published as a result of the faithful band of blog reading groupies she's built up pver the months of writing!

I first visit these worlds of unattainable perfection looking for tips and encouragement. I want to know how to make a whole food snack, or I wonder if anyone else's children are bickering as much as mine are. I want to know if I am parenting correctly or could be improving. Why reinvent the wheel, I always ask. But I quickly end up with stinkin' thinkin', as FlyLady would label it. If they can do all that, why oh why can't I???????!!!!!!! Probably because I spend all my extra time reading their blogs instead of doing things I could then blog about!

I would love to get to know the women who write these blogs. I am blessed with many wonderful friends here where I live, but not many of them long to live the handmaid life I moved up here to live. Without resources and support down the road, I find I am glad to have my cyber friends to turn to. I am happy to contribute to their success by becoming a fan, and I hope to enjoy their ranks!

I think these blogs are so great, and I would love to share them with you. So, here's a short list. Pour yourself a cup of tea and waste some lovely time with me.

More later...Jarret needs me to help him with killing chickens and the baby is awake.