Friday, September 26, 2008

More summer highlights

Jack is waiting to for me to get him out of the crib, I need to get lunch on, and we have to wash eggs and take them to the farm where we trade them for milk, but I have to steal five minutes to post the rest of these pictures from the last few weeks or I will never get around to it! So, here are more summer highlights. Enjoy!

Rose and Riley try their hand at croquet at the Genesee Country Museum, one of our summer day trips.

And Jack tries out the game where you roll the hoop with a stick, yum!
Riley and Jarret work the two man saw (Jarret says a prayer of thanks for his chainsaw!).
It was Laura Ingalls Wilder Day at the Museum and their special guest was the actress who played Nellie Olsen. She was hysterical. And let me tell you, it's weird to hear Nellie Olsen's voice coming out of a grown woman!

Molly and Rilley belly up to their Shirley Temples at the wedding reception of our friend Jay Tackabury.

Rose and Ashley Gibbs take a break at the Empire Farm Days in Seneca Falls.
So, we are in the market for a tractor, what do you think honey?
Watching the equipment demos at Empire Farm Days.
Aidan Prendergast oversees the fire starting operation at Camp Winum, this was before the thunderstorm rained on our cookout.

The next day, the kids and Jarret throw in a few hooks at Keuka Lake before we head for home.

Our 4-H club's booth at the Ontario County Fair. Rose's decorated apron, hanging on the wall, went to the New York State Fair!
Her painted bunny and wood cart with zucchini from our garden.

Rose ended the summer by losing front teeth!
Tomatoes and diapers keep me busy these days!


Natalie said...

I love toothless grin! And, I love the shot of your diapers on the line. It's 2008 and cloth diapers are making such a comeback! Wooo Hoo!

Anonymous said...


My name is Daniel Faiano. I live in montgomery, ny and i believe your husband, or at least the man in all the photos, used to be my history teacher while i was a jr and sr. at Valley Central High School. I did not see any email address for you or him. I am hoping that you read this and can pass this message onto him. I wanted to ask him a few questions about history and maybe he could shed some light on it for me. I was hoping that he was still teaching at vc but saw that he is not. please relay this message to him and ask him if he could possibly email me back so we can have an ongoing conversation. thank you in advance and im sorry if this is a strange way to get in contact with him.

Daniel Faiano

Anonymous said...

whoops didnt leave a return email address..

Omelas said...

This is so cool. I have always wanted to do this. Please post more. Can you tell us how do you afford it? How do you get health care? Does your husband work off the farm? Awesome!