Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some days I am just bowled over by the amount of work I have gotten myself into ...I have to start a fire before I do the dishes so that I will have hot water (long story, I'll explain later!), and all this while I am trying to nurse a five month old, keep tabs on a precocious two year old and navigate the ins and outs of sharing for my kindergartener and preschooler. Well, my mother in law was right about so many things, mostly that my life will never be boring! Most days, I can't beleive how blessed I am to be living my dream.
Anyway, today was a glorious day, the sun was shining, the ever present wind was warm, we gardened...Since the chicken house is not ready yet and the chickens are housed inside the barn where the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow, I have been letting two or three out into the yard to peck aroudn while I can keep an eye on them. One of my buff orpingtons stayed right near us as I weeded the garden, just like a dog! It was great to have her there and fun to find her worms and snails.
I realized this morning how much I needed to get done in order to get us all off to Walden this weekend and only got a few things done (the daily frustrations of having a thousand interruptions). Thankfully, I was able to pray my way through it all and managed to be kind, firm, and not lose my cool.
Jarret has been busy trying to finish up his job at the library in Gorham. It's beautiful, but because of the hours and school still being in session he has been doing the job for a month now. He has loads of work to move on to, for which we are thankful. And I am thankful that God has answered my prayer of being able to handle bedtime by myself, in fact, I even enjoy it these days! I do miss having Jarret around in the evenings, but work must be done and bills must be paid...which reminds me, I have bills to pay and an I pod to load up before our trip.
I took some pictures of our daily adventures, and here are a few pictures that Rose and Riley have been taking too. I think they both have a pretty good eye, what do you think!?

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beemahoney said...

Hey Jessica! So glad you've started a blog! Bonnie sent me the link - I don't have one, but love reading - especially when I know the person writing - You certainly have a lot to add to the blogging world, so good for you! Love the pictures too.